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California Nurses Association and National Nurses United
IBEW 639

And a Coalition of San Luis Obispo Residents

"As a downtown business owner, I wholeheartedly support Heidi Harmon as the Mayor and her vision for our city. She uses innovation, community outreach, education, and a deep passion for our environment to make thoughtful decisions that benefit us short term, but more importantly long term. As a business owner, I value the care and concern she offers for the success of small businesses in our community. But even more so, as a mother, I value her concern for the next generation andthe environment/community they will inherit. I am excited for Heidi to be reelected to a second term so that she can continue on this path and forge a better future for us all."

Shannon Len

Shannon Len
Downtown Business Owner, Len Collective

"Heidi has been an outstanding leader on many community issues. She goes above and beyond to engage local residents in the conversation because she cares so much about this city and welcomes an inclusive conversation. While participating in one of her neighborhood walks, I was inspired how she listened to their concerns and then offered solutions on how to create the community they wanted to see."

Dale Stoker
Cal Poly

"Heidi has been a great leader for the city of San Luis Obispo. She has been a great communicator bringing together the different facets of our community to understand our small town’s concerns and working with the council to find solutions. She has challenged our town to be part of the 21st century addressing the current and future needs like affordable housing, and renewable energy. I like that she not only shows us her mayoral life, but her personal day in the life projects; walking around town and watching her prepare for speaking engagements through social media—she’s an INVOLVED community member who cares, and her beliefs don’t stop when she leaves the walls of the City Council."

Renoda Campbell
Owner, Renoda Campbell Photography

"I have been very impressed with Heidi Harmon as our Mayor, a leader and an organizer. Her presence at numerous community events and her creation and participation in neighborhood walks has shown a high level of energy and dedication to engagement. As an organizer, I believe she is especially talented at recognizing local people and inspiring them to contribute to the betterment of our community. She has inspired me personally to become a more active participant in our City. As a leader, she has a vision along with the confidence and fortitude to lead our community into a sustainable future. We are lucky to have her."

Kristen Hazard
Founder of Suntoucher, LLC

“Mayor Harmon listens to the community and represents the needs of the people. She’s deeply involved and makes government accessible.”

– Robin Mitchell-Hee

“We need someone who isn’t afraid to stand up and speak for what’s right.”

– Keanu LyDay, Student, Leader

“Heidi has shown to be a wonderful and compassionate advocate for our city. Her heart and dedication shows through her willingness to listen and empower the people in our community.”

– Marieke Van Beurden, Disabilities/Behavior Specialist

“Heidi is progressive, advocates for the oppressed, and believes in community engagement and empowerment.”

– Joyce Tseng

“As a community organizer, delegate and Emerge California graduate Heidi comes with experience and a fresh perspective; both necessary traits for understanding and creatively solving complex issues to benefit the greater good of all concerned.”

– Erika Feresten, Leadership Coach

“She is creative, authentic, energetic, and has both a macro and micro view of the needs of today and the future.”

– Alexis Gharavi, Teacher

“We need Heidi as Mayor to maintain to momentum that she has been able to start, especially on housing and transportation, issues that have direct impact on climate change.”

– Barry Rands, Electric Vehicle Specialist, SLO Climate Coalition

“I worked with Mayors from over 30 cities, but I’ve never worked with one as hard working, dedicated, intelligent and compassionate as Heidi Harmon. She makes me want to move my business to SLO!”

– Joe Galliani, President, Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions

“Mayor Harmon is deeply committed to the betterment of San Luis Obispo. She has worked: to protect the environment by lowering our plastic footprint, to build political transparency by holding officials accountable, to empower women, children, and students by connecting them with city resources, and to support less well-off residents by investigating strategies to address the housing crisis, Heidi has proven herself a strong, passionate, and engaged leader for our community who has earned my support.”

– Dr. Ryan Alaniz, Associate Professor of Sociology

“I met Heidi several years ago at a SLO Clean Water meeting. I was immediately impressed by her passion to help SLO become not only a better place but the best place to live. We have continued our journey to save the environment through a number of environmental actions and have had victories for our hard work. She is a great leader, a great organizer, and has a beautiful sweet heart. If you want someone who loves SLO and is willing to fight for a sustainable future Heidi is the woman for the job.”

– Linda Chimenti

“She wants to move our community toward 100% renewable energy, and she works to include all citizens of SLO in the decision-making, political process. As mayor, she is accessible and willing to listen to her constituents. Heidi is very knowledgeable about the local issues, and she is a strong leader!”

– Linda Pax, Retired Elementary Teacher

“Heidi was very enthusiastic and responsive in my efforts to get something going to help Puerto Rico. Every email she sent me ended with “What can I do to help you?” This is unusual for any public official.”

– Chris Van Beveren, Owner of Beck Travel

“Heidi should be our next mayor because she listens and is open to change. We need to think about our climate and how it is changing. We need to get out of our cars, ride our bikes, use the bus and walk!”

– Lisa Jouet, Small Business Owner/Jouet Studio

“Heidi, in her approach to managing San Luis Obispo, adroitly balances hope and pragmatism, vision and realism. It’s hard to do, and Heidi does it very well!”

– John Alan Connerley, Musician-Diplomat

“Heidi has proven herself to be a great mayor. She is fully engaged with her community and is passionate about making a difference.”

– Gretchen Prince, Senior Registered Relationship Manager

“She’s done an amazing job so far. I am impressed with her commitment, energy, and passion.”

– Pete Schwartz, Physics Professor, Cal Poly

“She is fully present in our community and makes astounding effort to better it.”

– Dara Stepanek, High School Math Teacher

“Before Mayor Harmon was elected it was clear that she was committed to her SLO community, passionate about climate change, an excellent listener and was effective at rallying others to get involved in causes they cared about. Now in office, Mayor Harmon continues to shine those strengths, and demonstrates an ability to work cohesively with the rest of the council members and staff, even when there is disagreement. She has a knack for asking intelligent questions and sometimes pointed questions without being condescending. She has demonstrated her capability as mayor.”

– Laura Slaughter, RN

“I like her progressive, pro active approach.”

– Carol Paulsen,

“Because she is the REAL DEAL.”

– Samantha Pruitt, Local Small Business Owner

“Heidi the same progressive values that many of my friends, family and myself share. We need a strong leader to unite San Luis Obispo to create a better future for our entire community, and she is the lady to lead us there.”

– Josh Payne, Small Business Owner

“Heidi cares. She listens to the people of SLO and works diligently to enact positive change. She engages people from all walks of life. She is focused on solving our housing problems and making SLO affordable. She is environmentally aware and prioritizes making SLO sustainable. I’m so excited to have Heidi as our next mayor.”

– Elaine Stewart, Small business owner and mom of 3

“Heidi Harmon has everything San Luis Obispo needs in a mayor – vision, experience, approachability, and love. She is a community advocate with a unique ability to engage folks into being a part of positive change. A strong advocate for social justice, Heidi Harmon’s commitment to grassroots organizing will empower all of us to engage in the work needed to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable community. She has already transformed our community for the better. Heidi Harmon inspires me. As Mayor, she will create a community that I’m proud to live in.”

– Matt Klepfer, Student at Cal Poly; President, Cal Poly Queer Student Union

Abbreviated List

Rosemary Wrenn, Chair of SLO County Democratic Party*

Tyler Scheidt, SMART, Local Union No. 104

Nick Andre, Small Business Owner

Tarrah Graves, Co-Chair, SLO County Progressives

Mitchell Carr, Human Resources and Labor Ethics and Policy

Maia Kiley, Therapist

Courtney Haile
Jay Erker
Hector Navarro
Dawn Feuerberg
Lise Bjorck
Mimi DeForest
Judy Hornday
Diane Suderman
Gabriel Granados
Jacob Johnson
Kay Semon
Jack Murphy
Jeremy Fleming
Major Dalton
Sue Chippendale
Alan & Gina Tremper
Laura Maxwell
Cheryl Vines
Pat Foote

Jonathan Tasini, Political Organizer/Former National Surrogate Bernie Sanders

Josh Fox, Filmmaker

Noha Kolkailah, Mission Prep.

Samson Blackwell, Talent Acquisition

Quinn Brady, Mother

Adam Kirchner, Farmer

Michele Brooks
Jessamyn Pattison
Quincy Tobin
Jeff Almashat
Alena Andrews
Elle Harlow
Robyn Berry
Evelia Melenez
Kelli Chollar
Ben Alexander
Natalie Risner
Laura Bjorklund
Ethan Turer
Sarah Reinhart
Brandon Martinez
Dede Lombardo
Damon Hayou
Karen Rainbolt
Aislinn Sexton-Moyer
Jason Moyer
Joan Carter
Barry Rands

Cory Jones, Co-Founder, One with Nature

Steve Walker, EMS Helicopter Pilot

Kathie Walker, Designer

Tod Surguis, Property Manager

Jeanne Blackwell
Andrea Devitt
Carmen Trudell
Jessica Soni
Feben Tefferra
Julianna Cementina
AJ & Ali Jansen
Gary Madonna
Ariel Shannon
Lluvia Santana
San Hughes
Joyce Tseng
Vince Fortunado
Anika Chambers
J. Tavener Holland
Keith Gledhill
Roberto Covey
Ian Levy
Jackie Holland
Floyd Wilson
Aimee Wyatt
Michelle Houston
Judy Wilson
John Alan Connerley
Larissa Clarke

*All titles are for identification purposes only.

Over the Last 2 Years Heidi Has Earned a Wide Range of Support

Endorsed by Actress Rosario Dawson
Endorsed by Nicholas Belardes

“Time to get new blood into the office, someone younger who has raised a family here, someone who takes advantage of our downtown culture, someone who recognizes the impact of student housing on our neighborhoods.”

– Karen Wren Mead

“She is a capable, strong feminine force here on the central coast. Always fighting for the protection of the environment on a local and global level. She believes in this community….and does a stellar job of uniting people to educate themselves and take part in the Democratic process here in San Luis Obispo. She is a wife, mother and my dear friend. I know she will do great things as our next Madame Major!”

– Shy Smith

Heidi is an amazing woman and human. She is good for us, because she is intelligent, convicted, open hearted and minded, caring, and has a great sense of humor. Heidi is passionate about life and living well. She is concerned with justice and what makes sense, in effort for positive community and community members.”

– Melinda Kincaid, Psychiatrist

“Heidi has championed climate action and campaign finance reform, two of the most pressing issues for our plane and our democracy.”

– Patricia Golden, Accountant

“Energetic, tireless fighter for children and the planet. She understands the issues and has the right priorities for SLO. Heidi will make a great Mayor!”

– Brian Haberly, Sierra Club

“Heidi has demonstrated through years of community service, her commitment to a safe and clean environment for all citizens of the Central Coast. She has demonstrated her skill at working across political lines for the good of the community.”

– Tim Webb, Educator

“SLO City Council needs fresh, progressive ideas.”

– Rich Mortensen

“She embodies much of the same values as Bernie Sanders.”

– Charlotte Erlin, Director of Finance

“She is kind and listens to all people in our city. We need people on council who listen.”

– Ryan Walker, High School Student

“Heidi built the Bernie Sanders movement from the ground up on the central coast, galvanizing a beautiful grassroots campaign and getting people like me more involved in the political process. She actively offers support to my intersectional feminist club at Cal Poly – strengthening a bond between the campus and the community, encouraging student activism and social justice, representing (often underrepresented) young people, serving as a strong female role model, and actively and intentionally uplifting marginalized voices. She makes herself accessible – I know her personally just through attending community events! She meets us, hears our stories, listens to our visions, and genuinely concerns herself with the wellbeing of this community. Regardless if you supported Bernie or not, Heidi wants the best for SLO and the best for all of us.

She wants to empower tenants and opposes that horrible Rental Housing Inspection Program that we all know and hate. She understands climate change as our most pressing issue as a planet, and wants to push more clean energy in SLO. She understands this city’s need for inclusive, affordable housing. She consistently asks the community members what they want to see out of SLO, and promises to be a true representative of the community’s wants and needs. I would be honored to call her my mayor!”

– Jennifer MacMartin, Student

“She has empathy and care for the people. She has an open ear and an open mind. She could be a brave and wise leader.”

– Henry Mattei, Student

Abbreviated List

Linda White, Monterey Heights Neighbors

Judy Hornaday, Retired University Admin.

Jennifer Randall, Artist

Phil Hurst, Live Local Apparel

Carrie Wheeler, Superhero

Rose Badrigian, Student/Waitress

Serrina Ruggles, Data Analyst

Olivia Richardson, Teacher

Melissa Richardson, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dana O’Brien, Business Owner

Faye Lundberg, Insurance Sales

Haas Samantha, Office Manager

Tom Ogren, Writer

Natasha Melia

Logan Hunter, Firefighter

Becky Heart, Life Coach

Linn Bagette, Retired

Anna Lillian Mercado

Stevan Ruszceycky, Lecturer

Elizabeth Johnson, Artist

Camille Small

Carol Paulsen

LynAnne Weist

Jillian K.

Kathy Wilson

Aaron James Norton

Roxanne McDaid, Engineer

Robert Richey, Psychologist

Emily Frances, Teacher

Troy Nino De Rivero, Cook

Ryan Sauter, Artist

Bob Gillette, Camp Host

Victoria Kromhout

Alex Gough

Anne OBrien

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