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IBEW 639

Salud Carbajal

US Congressman

Bill Monning

State Senator

Bruce Gibson

County Supervisor

Mariam Shah

Grover Beach City Council

Aaron Gomez

SLO City Council

Andy Pease

SLO City Council

Jimmy Paulding

Arroyo Grande City Council

Dawn Addis

Morro Bay City Council

Jeff Lee

Grover Beach Mayor

"I’m wholeheartedly supporting the re-election of Heidi Harmon as Mayor of San Luis Obispo because Heidi has everything we need in a great leader: She’s shown she’s flexible and balanced in her views, listens compassionately to everyone, doesn’t waver from her core values, and yet seeks a solution that’s best for all our residents. Heidi has been a fierce advocate for local small businesses because she realizes that small businesses, jobs and affordable workforce housing are critical components of our quality of life.”

Dave Garth

And a Coalition of San Luis Obispo Residents

Dawn Addis, Morro Bay City Council
Elizabeth Aebischer, English Learner Specialist, teacher
Laura Albers, Nonprofit Director
Mark Alonzo, Owner / SLO Trenchless
Marcia Alter, Volunteer/Former Teacher
James apRoberts, CEO / Subplot Studio
Kendra Aronson, Cookbook Author
Rory Aronson, CEO, FarmBot Inc
Amman Asfaw, President, Cal Poly’s National Society of Black Engineers
Jenny Ashley, Cal Poly Lecturer
Elie Axelroth, Writer
Karen Aydelott, Retired YMCA CEO
David Baldwin, Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local 403
John Barbieri
Chrys Barnes,
Retired Loan Officer
Emily Bartels
Howie Becker, Retired Attorney
Nancy Beighley, Retired Clerical
Ellen Beraud, Chief Steward, AFSCME 2620
Rich Besco, Survey Technician
Brianna Biberston, Counselor
Benjamin Biesek
Audrey Bigelow, HR Specialist
Jesse Bilsten, UX Designer
Kim Bisheff, Journalism Professor
Michael Boswell, Professor
Michael Boyer, Community Leader & Business Owner
Justin Bradshaw, Digital Life Coach
Kristin Bridgeford, Lecturer/Educator
Lea Brooks, Retired, Assistant Director of Communications
Michele Brooks, RN/Nurse Practitioner
Lauren Brown, Retired Entrepreneur
Jeff Buckingham, President/Telecommunications
Rawfey Burge, Artist, Tailor
Naomi Bush, Teacher
Michelle Call
Renoda Campbell, Business Owner, Photographer
Sloan Campi, Urban Planner
Salud Carbajal, US Congressman
Joan Carter, Retired
Rita Casaverde, Immigration, Climate and Civil Rights Activist
Scott Chapman, Construction Worker, Fencing Instructor, Singer-SLO Master Chorale
Kevin Clark, Retired Professor
Jeanie Class, Retired Mediator and Journalist
Gerri Clemens, Retired Psychiatric Technician
John Clements, Professor, Cal Poly
June Cochran, Retired Instructional Specialist
Tammy Cody, Interior Designer
John Alan Connerley, Musician/Diplomat
Polly Cooper
Maggie & Dave Cox,
Retired Business Owners
Caitlin Cradick
Steve Crimmel, Audio Engineer
Karen Davidson
Yvette Davis, Small Business Owner
Mathieu DeSchutter, Physician
Andrea Devitt, Academic Counselor, Cuesta College
Elizabeth Deyo, Choreographer
Bria DiCicco, Mom
Masada Disenhouse, Executive Director, SanDiego350
Kelly Donohue, Marketing
Sari Dworkin
Robert Ell, Producer
Judy Ellis, Retired
Jesse Englert, Software Engineer
Caitlin English, Student
Phil Epstein, Actor/Singer
Charlotte Erlin
Jenna Espinosa
Eduardo Espinoza,
Silvio Favoreto, Professor
Fred Fink, Retired
Mary Fischer, Public School Teacher
Chloe Fleischer
Janet Flores,
Cal Poly Undergrad/ Bartender
Erin Foote, Instructional Support Tech, Cal Poly
Declan Galli, Sunrise SLO Hub Coordinator
Joe Galliani, President/Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions
Dave Garth, Retired
David Georgi
Bruce Gibson, SLO County Supervisor
John Gillespie, Ocean Operator
Michael Giuffre, Cal Poly Student
Chelly Glancy
Aaron Gomez,
SLO City Council
Monique Grajeda, Architectural Designer
Tarrah Graves, Mom & Realtor
Heather Gray, Dance Teacher
Emily Green, Teacher
Lorna Grinde, Retired
Gary Grossman, President, Coastal Community Builders
Ken Haggard, Green Architect
Courtney Haile
Jalen Hamler,
Dona Hare Price,
Retired Educator
Josh and Lindsey Haring, Business Owners/Parents
Richard Head
Donna Helete,
Grief Coach
Anita Henry, Marketing Coordinator
Pelin Hepcilingirler,
Barbara Hernandez
TeaEster Higgins

Mike Higgins
Travis Higgins,
Project Manager
Don & Sally Hillis,
Kara Hitchcock,
Academic Advisor
Greg Holt,
Owner Big Sky Cafe
Michael Hopkins,
Planning Commissioner
Michael Horgan,
Principal, Cairn Collaborative LLC
Judy Hornaday
Kristin Horowitz, CEO
David Houghton, Engineer/Educator
Laurence Houlgate, Retired Professor of Classical Philosophy
Heather Howell, Educator, Volunteer, Activist
Jim Hubbard, Cashier/Sales
Douglas Huemann, Attorney
Laura Hunkler, Career Counselor
Sandee Hunt-Burns, Digital Storyteller/Public Relations Professional
Chuck Intrieri, San Luis Obispo Business Consultant
Marshall James, Cofounder, Time Traveler Media, a SLO small business
Ali and AJ Jansen, Owner-Picture Framer
Krista Jeffries, Housing Activist
Scott Jenkins, Solar Interconnection & Rebates
Cory Jones, Wildland Fire
Shawn Jones-Bunn, Psychologist
Lisa Jouet, Small Business Owner
Erik Justesen, Landscape Architect
Evy Justesen, Retired Cuesta Counselor
Dana Justesen Trexler, RN
Kenneth Kalkowski, Retired
Todd Katz, Retired
Anne Kennard, Physician and Surgeon
Aaron Kester, Realtor
Jen Kimble, Caregiver/Business Owner
Robin Kisinger, Retired Educator
Charles Kleemann, General Building Contractor
Anna Klovstad, Vice Mayor, Truckee
Noha Kolkailah, Educator
Joe Kriege, Senior Manager Software Engineering
Keli Kuhn
Bradley Kyker,
Student Development Educator, Cal Poly
Brad Langer,
Professor/Cuesta College
Ryan Lawrence,
Business Owner, Physical Therapist
Jeff Lee, Grover Beach Mayor
Kaela Lee
Christina Lefevre Latner, Educator
Robert Lewin, Emergency Management Consultant
Donna Lewis, Branch Manager/VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate
Abe Lincoln, Commissioner, Board Member, Project Manager
Solina Lindahl, Economics Lecturer, Cal Poly
Kim Love, Founder/Director of Bright Life Playschool, Inc
Wendy and Bob Lucas, Retired Physical Therapist
Julie Lynem, RACE Matters Steering Committee Member, Co-Founder RaiseUp SLO & Local Educator
Xenia Madison, Disabled
Kelly Manderino, Attorney
Andy Mangano, General Manager MFI Limited
Joel Martínez, Master Builder
Shelley Massa, Yoga Teacher
Brenda May, Hairdresser
Michelle McCovey-Good, CEO, Professional Engineer
Michael McCrary, Finish Carpenter/General Contractor
Terry McCrea, CFO/CPA
Steve McGrath, Public Servant, Retired
Marie McRee, Professional Volunteer
Julie McSorley, Physical Therapist
Karen Merriam, Retired Clinical Social Worker
Brandon Messerly, Teacher
Bill Monning, State Senator
Ruth Montaño, Teacher
Robert Montaño, Teacher
Xavier Moore, Student Civil Engineer and Cal Poly Football Wide Receiver
Gina Mori, San Luis Bay Inn Sales Department
Jason Moyer, Fdr & CD,
Devon Myers, Real Estate Agent
Aydin Nazmi, Professor, Cal Poly
Laurel Neufeld-Williams, Registered Nurse
Caleb Nichols, Library Ghost/Poet
Aaron James Norton
Thomas Ogren, Researcher/ Writer/ Speaker
Kathleen Oneill, Retired Healthcare Administrator
Steven Orozco, Project Manager
Ryan Orr, Entertainment Director
Dawn Ortiz-Legg, Enterprise Agency Liaison, Pacific Gas & Electric
Garrett Otto, Business Owner, Community Advocate
Alison Paredes, RN
Jimmy Paulding, Arroyo Grande City Council
Erin Pearse, Mathematician
Andy Pease, SLO City Council
Holly Peterson, Graphic Designer
Dave Peterson, Retired Engineer
Kristina Pickering, NALC Br. 52 Recording Secretary
C. Mary Powers, Retired
Barry Price, Archeologist
Shalini Quattlebaum, Paralegal
Joseph Racano, Musician & Writer
Bruno Ragonnet
Henry A J Ramos,
Independent Philanthropy Consultant
Barry Rands,
SLO Climate Coalition

Niki Rarig, Naturopathic Doctor/Acupuncturist
Paul Reinhardt
Missy Reitner Cameron, Artist
Allison Rice, Psychotherapist
Chris Richardson
Melissa Richardson,
Advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner
Sara Roahen DeSchutter,
Andrew Robillard, Aviation Professional
Susan C. Robinson, Retired MD, Physician
Kevin Rockwell, Photographer
Allen Root, Metal Crafter, Community Activist
Emily Rosten, Psychologist
Kent Ruggles, Registered Nurse
Benjamin Ruttenberg, Professor
Ty & Trudie Safreno, CEO/CTO and CFO of Trust Automation
Deborah Scarborough, California Central Committee Member
Pete Schwartz, Professor
Scott Secrest, Socially Responsible Investment Advisor
Linda Seeley, Retired Nurse-Midwife
John Semon, Retired
Kay Semon, Retired
Melanie Senn, Lecturer, Cal Poly
Bruce Severance, Policy Analyst, Researcher
Rusty Shackleford, Manager, Dale’s Dead Bug
Dan Shadwell, Realtor
Mariam Shah, Grover Beach City Council
Ellen Sheffer
Sandi Sigurdson,
Nonprofit Executive
Jon Sim
Clint Slaughter, MD, Emergency Physician
Laura Slaughter, Registered Nurse
John Smigelski, Climate Coalition
Kyle Smith, Cal Poly Alumnus
Randa Solick
Megan Souza, Business Owner
John and Deb Spatafore
Kyle Squyres, Sales
Leslie St. John, Cal Poly English Professor/Yoga Teacher
Dylan Stafforini, Community Advocate
Ethan Stan, Professional Intern/City Planner
Tawnie Stanley
Nancy Steinmaus, Professor Cuesta College
Dara Stepanek, Business Owner
Peter Sterios, Yoga Teacher
Tawny Day Sterios, Movement Teacher
Sherri Stoddard, Retired Nurse
Jill Stollmeyer
Rick Stollmeyer
Sharon Sutliff, Retired
Grace Swanson
Jane Swanson, Retired Teacher
Vicki Tamoush, Administrator
Teresa Tardiff
Fever Teffera, Self Employed
John K. Thomas, CFO
Ronald Tilley, Retired
Heather Tissue, Kitchen and Bath Designer
Charles Tribbey, Optometrist
Joyce Tseng, Stay-at-home Parent
Melanie Vann, Behavioral Health Clinician
Richard Vann, Network Administrator
Charles Varni, Climate Advocate
Alicia Veium, Full Time Mom
Eric Veium, Energy Manager and Community Leader
Rebecca Velasquez, Psychotherapist
Cheryl and Stephen Vines, Business Owners
Phil Wagner, Retired
Violet Walker, Northern Chumash- ADEM 35
Michael Walker, Teacher
Luke Wallace, Managing Partner – York+Wallace
Amy Ward
Frank Warren, Longtime Resident/Health and Public Policy manager
Ellie Washington, Relator
Nancy Welts, Community Volunteer
Amy West (Graziano), Project Director in Sustainable Fisheries
Dr. Ray Weymann, Scientist
Jason Wheeler, Full-time Parent
Carrie Wheeler, Domestic Engineer
Carrie White, Market Director of Medical Staff, Tenet Health Central Coast
Elizabeth White, Elizabeth White Photos
Stacey White, Principal, Architect
Nick Wierman
Lindsay A Wilcox, Artist
Kelli Willcoxson, Graphic Designer
Luke Wills
Robin Wolf, Restaurant/Hospitality Manager
Marion Wolff, Retired Prison Representative
William Wollrab, Founder:
Kara Woodruff, Vice President/Financial Planner
Dan Woodson, Director, Nipomo Community Service District
Rosemary Wrenn, Educator
Anne Wyatt, Housing Policy Planning Consultant
Jonathan Yeh, Business Owner
Ron Yukelson, Health Care Executive
Jill Zamek

*All titles are for identification purposes only.

"Heidi has demonstrated an inclusive approach to local government by seeking understanding from all parts of the community while leading on important issues such as housing and social justice."

Jeff Buckingham

"Mayor Harmon has been an effective and devoted leader, during these most challenging of times. She’s championed an effective and thoughtful response to the coronavirus while managing and leading in issues ranging from the homeless crisis to climate change to affordable housing. As a resident and business person in the City if SLO, I’m sure glad Heidi’s at the helm."

Kara Woodruff
Vice President/Financial Planner

"As a small business owner and strong proponent of the business community, I've worked alongside Heidi on a diverse and strong economic development plan. As a fellow activist, I've walked alongside Heidi to advocate for social justice & human rights issues. As an under 40 community member, I've shown up in support of Heidi's progressive and bold climate action policies and housing initiatives. Heidi's vision coupled with her experience and willingness to operate regionally with other leadership, has created a San Luis Obispo that is evolving into a thriving cultural and economic hub."

Kelly Donohue

"Heidi's superpower is listening, acknowledging and serving her community. I trust she'll do anything and everything she can to make San Luis Obispo the best city it can be."

Jesse Bilsten
UX Designer

"Mayor Harmon has been a voice of compassion and kindness in the midst of difficult times. Her priorities are the people of San Luis Obispo, and she has worked tirelessly for the less fortunate and downtrodden. Thank you, Mayor Harmon!"

Clint Slaughter

"As we come out of COVID 19, and continue to address the social issues which impact our town, Heidi is clearly the leader we need. Heidi Harmon builds partnerships, seeks community solutions, and matches intelligence with heart. San Luis Obispo needs more of that."

Frank Warren
Longtime Resident/Health and Public Policy Manager

"Heidi is the right person for this job. Heidi's priorities are right on. She comes from a place of love and inclusion. Her heart is her defining characteristic."

Aydin Nazmi
Professor, Cal Poly State U.

"We need Heidi’s leadership and experience now more than ever. We need consistency to address the ongoing pandemic, we need someone who values bold steps for climate action, and we need someone who will continue to advocate for more housing so our workforce doesn’t have to commute 20-45 minutes each way every day."

Audrey Bigelow

“SLO City Council needs fresh, progressive ideas.”

– Rich Mortensen

“Heidi has championed climate action and campaign finance reform, two of the most pressing issues for our plane and our democracy.”

– Patricia Golden, Accountant

“Time to get new blood into the office, someone younger who has raised a family here, someone who takes advantage of our downtown culture, someone who recognizes the impact of student housing on our neighborhoods.”

– Karen Wren Mead

“Energetic, tireless fighter for children and the planet. She understands the issues and has the right priorities for SLO. Heidi will make a great Mayor!”

– Brian Haberly, Sierra Club

“Heidi has demonstrated through years of community service, her commitment to a safe and clean environment for all citizens of the Central Coast. She has demonstrated her skill at working across political lines for the good of the community.”

– Tim Webb, Educator

“Heidi built the Bernie Sanders movement from the ground up on the central coast, galvanizing a beautiful grassroots campaign and getting people like me more involved in the political process. She actively offers support to my intersectional feminist club at Cal Poly – strengthening a bond between the campus and the community, encouraging student activism and social justice, representing (often underrepresented) young people, serving as a strong female role model, and actively and intentionally uplifting marginalized voices. She makes herself accessible – I know her personally just through attending community events! She meets us, hears our stories, listens to our visions, and genuinely concerns herself with the wellbeing of this community. Regardless if you supported Bernie or not, Heidi wants the best for SLO and the best for all of us.

She wants to empower tenants and opposes that horrible Rental Housing Inspection Program that we all know and hate. She understands climate change as our most pressing issue as a planet, and wants to push more clean energy in SLO. She understands this city’s need for inclusive, affordable housing. She consistently asks the community members what they want to see out of SLO, and promises to be a true representative of the community’s wants and needs. I would be honored to call her my mayor!”

– Jennifer MacMartin, Student

“She has empathy and care for the people. She has an open ear and an open mind. She could be a brave and wise leader.”

– Henry Mattei, Student

Abbreviated List

Jennifer Randall, Artist

Carrie Wheeler, Superhero

Rose Badrigian, Student/Waitress

Serrina Ruggles, Data Analyst

Olivia Richardson, Teacher

Melissa Richardson, Energy Medicine Practitioner

Dana O’Brien, Business Owner

Faye Lundberg, Insurance Sales

Haas Samantha, Office Manager

Tom Ogren, Writer

Natasha Melia

Logan Hunter, Firefighter

Becky Heart, Life Coach

Linn Bagette, Retired

Anna Lillian Mercado

Stevan Ruszceycky, Lecturer

Elizabeth Johnson, Artist

Carol Paulsen

LynAnne Weist

Jillian K.

Kathy Wilson

Aaron James Norton

Roxanne McDaid, Engineer

Robert Richey, Psychologist

Emily Frances, Teacher

Troy Nino De Rivero, Cook

Ryan Sauter, Artist

Bob Gillette, Camp Host

Victoria Kromhout

Alex Gough

Anne OBrien

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