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Heidi Harmon Is Right Candidate To Lead San Luis Obispo As Mayor

Heidi Harmon is right candidate to lead San Luis Obispo as mayor

The following letter to the editor was posted on October 22nd, 2016, in the The Tribune

Like many of my college-aged peers, I have become disillusioned with the current political state, especially considering the upcoming election, however, there is one person on the November ballot that I am passionately and fervently supporting: Heidi Harmon.

When I first moved to San Luis Obispo from my conservative haven of a hometown, I was delighted to hear there was blossoming progressive activism surrounding Bernie Sanders’ campaign on the Central Coast. Heidi built this movement from the ground up, galvanizing a true grass-roots campaign and getting people like me more involved in the political process. She actively offers support to my intersectional feminist club at Cal Poly — strengthening a bond between the campus and the community, encouraging student activism and social justice, representing (often underrepresented) young people, serving as a strong female role model, and actively and intentionally uplifting marginalized voices.

That is what is unique about Heidi: She makes herself accessible. She meets us at local events, hears our stories, listens to our visions and genuinely concerns herself with the well-being of this community. There is work to be done, and she is the one to do it. I cannot wait to call her my mayor.


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