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People, Planet, Prosperity

People: Next Generation Housing

What we’ve accomplished together:

  • With my full-fledged support, this council has approved environmentally friendly projects that will yield increased housing for our next generation, the middle class, and lower-income residents, while preserving the character and ambiance of the city we love.
  • I have ensured these projects have local workforce preference clauses so that these homes stay locally owned.
  • I have ensured that residents can actually afford these homes by having down payment assistance, maximizing deed-restricted affordable units, and similar programs.
  • I have consistently urged Cal Poly to build more student housing as quickly as possible, and house more of their students on campus so that our neighborhoods can accommodate more of our residents and workforce.

What we’ll accomplish next:

  • Listen carefully to residents for innovative ways to solve difficult challenges, such as upgrading our roads where needed, and improving parking and other issues that directly impact our neighborhoods.
  • Push for more affordable housing for families, seniors and young professionals.
  • Collaborate with neighboring cities and regional institutions to address our challenges on issues such as traffic, transportation, water and jobs.

Planet: Environmental Stewardship

What we’ve accomplished together:

  • I’ve led the effort for Community Choice Energy, so that our residents have a choice of energy providers which can encourage innovation, access to more clean energy, and improved pricing.
  • While I have been mayor, this council has approved significant purchases of additional open space, growing our community’s most important environmental asset, our green belt.
  • We have committed to becoming to Net Zero city so that our next generation can experience the SLO we cherish.
  • We have moved forward with major upgrades to our Water Resource Recovery Facility, including a provision to require local workers on the project, and developed one of the best water portfolios in the state in the face of drought and climate change.

What we’ll accomplish next:

  • Preserve and expand our open space.
  • Continue to transition to a net zero city with a focus on sustainable energy sources.
  • Further ensure we have the water we need for future generations.
  • Increase alternative transportation options so that our city has safe choices for all residents, whether they drive, bike or walk.

Prosperity: Fiscal Responsibility & Local Jobs

What we’ve accomplished together:

  • While mayor, this council – without flinching – has adopted a fiscal responsibility plan that has resulted in paying down more of our unfunded pension liabilities and created a longer-term plan to address the problem.
  • I led the effort to keep our jobs local by requiring contractors on a major infrastructure project to hire local workers first.

What we’ll accomplish next:

  • Address the impacts of the Diablo Canyon transition.
  • Further pay down our city’s unfunded pension liabilities.
  • Support the creation of better paying head-of-household jobs for our workforce.

An Inclusive, Sustainable Vision

Other Important Issues

Proactive Community Engagement

While we recognize that not every policy will please every person, we will ensure that the voices of all residents are heard regarding the decisions made by the City. Through community gatherings, public meetings, and events we will bring people of all backgrounds into the political process.

Effective Solutions to Homelessness

We must step up to do our part for the most vulnerable among us in our community. Expanding the available housing supply, continuing to support new and existing local shelters, and fostering a supportive community are all steps that will be taken to work towards a future wherein no one falls through the cracks of society.

Expanded Alternative Transportation

To address the climate crisis and growing traffic concerns we must create bike paths that are open to all levels of cyclists, work to make SLO a more walkable city by making our streets safer and more enjoyable to traverse, and work with our local and regional partners to ensure a transportation system that is accessible for all.

Cultivating Civility

We may not always agree, but we can still meet at the table to continue to work together to form bold policies that truly solve the issues facing our community. A culture of civility is pivotal to progress on every level of the political spectrum, and together we must continue to create an environment in which all voices are heard with respect.

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