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Prioritizing an engaged community to ensure a vibrant city.

Inclusive Affordable Housing

Bold Solutions to Our Housing Crisis

Home is the center of all our lives. Our home is where we raise our families and find stability to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Across California we face a crisis of housing supply and a crisis of affordability. Together we will continue to develop policies that will incentivize more affordability for working families, young professionals, and retirees alike.

Leadership on Drought & Climate

Leading CA with a Commitment to Being a Net- Zero City

Now more than ever, we must act in the face of a growing climate crisis. Bold solutions such as our new Community Choice Energy Program will work to move SLO forward into a sustainable energy future to ensure a livable planet for future generations.

Proactive Community Engagement

Actively Reaching Out and Listening to Residents and Working People

While we recognize that not every policy will please every person, we will ensure that the voices of all residents are heard regarding the decisions made by the City. Through community gatherings, public meetings, and events we will bring people of all backgrounds into the political process.

Effective Solutions to Homelessness

Compassionate and Community Based Approaches

While the County and State are charged with facilitating the solutions to many of the challenges our homeless population faces, we have stepped up to do our part for the most vulnerable among us in our community. Expanding the available housing supply, continuing to support new and existing local shelters, and fostering a supportive community are all steps that will be taken to work towards a future wherein no one falls through the cracks of society.

Innovative Local Economy

Policies to Support Local Business and Working People

SLO has become a fertile environment for entrepreneurs. The City must continue to partner with our academic and business community to ensure that SLO is home to a resilient and forward-thinking economy as we transition away from the economic benefits of Diablo Canyon into our new shared reality. We must also recognize the essential contribution of all working people in building this new economy, and that they have the right to fair treatment and an equal share of the prosperity.

Expanded Alternative Transportation

Increasing Options for All Residents

A key component of addressing the climate crisis and growing traffic concerns is to expand alternative transportation options. We will continue implementation of the city’s Bicycle Transportation Plan, with emphasis on creating bike paths that are open to all levels of cyclists. We will work to make SLO a more walkable city by making our streets safer and more enjoyable to traverse. We also will continue to work with our local and regional partners to ensure a transportation system that is accessible for all.

Open Space

Preserving and Expanding Our Open Space

Our Green Belt is an important part of what makes SLO a beautiful and unique place to live. Our open space must be protected and expanded to ensure access for all residents.

Cultivating Civility

Working to Develop a Culture of Kindness and Respect

We may not always agree, but we can still meet at the table to continue to work together to form bold policies that truly solve the issues facing our community. A culture of civility is pivotal to progress on every level of the political spectrum, and together we must continue to create an environment in which all voices are heard with respect.

Working Together to Ensure a Vibrant and Resilient San Luis Obispo

We will achieve a vibrant economy, environment, and community by working collaboratively to create the city we want while preserving the SLO we love. We work best when we work together—it’s one of the most resilient things we can do.

Heidi's Approach to Leadership

San Luis Obispo leadership has a role in developing the social capital and assets of a thriving and resilient community. SLO’s network of organizations, businesses, and residents can be strengthened through increased communication and interaction among all of our groups. As connections are created and relationships built, individuals and institutions are increasingly able to recognize each other’s assets and resources, and form new partnerships.

Just as Cal Poly and the business sector have a mutually beneficial relationship through student internships, the mayor’s office and city council can facilitate new networks for business opportunities, disaster preparedness, and citizen engagement on local issues. Local government acts as a nexus of collaboration, building bridges throughout the community; it is leadership of the people, by the people, and for the people. When residents feel that their voice is heard and see government respond to their needs, they in turn are more likely to contribute to working on behalf of their community.

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