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Prioritizing an engaged community to ensure a vibrant city.

Inclusive Affordable Housing

Creative Solutions to Our Housing Challenge

Housing affordability is a serious concern for our city that must be addressed. Let’s develop strategies for families, young professionals, and retirees.


Innovative Local Economy

Policies to Support Local Business Creation and Growth

Streamlined permitting process for small and locally owned businesses. Working to make every existing block a better place for our citizens to work and live.


Proactive Community Engagement

Actively Reaching Out and Listening to Citizens

Bringing your voice to city decisions through community gatherings, public meetings and events. The citizens of SLO are what makes our city great.


Rental Housing Inspection Program

Worsening our Current Housing Problems

While landlords should be held accountable to an agreed upon standard of healthy and safe living environments, the RHIP is not the answer.


Leadership on Drought & Climate

Leading CA with 80% Renewable Energy by 2030

There has never been a more relevant time for SLO to plan for our energy future now that Diablo Canyon is scheduled to close in the next decade.


Effective Solutions to Homelessness

Compassionate and Community Based Approaches

While housing is an essential component, solving homelessness is about creating community and finding places for people to live in supportive environments.


Open Space

Preserving and Expanding Our Open Space

SLO’s “Green Belt” is an important part of what makes SLO such a special place. The city’s open space must be protected and expanded.

Expanded Bike Infrastructure

Increasing Safety and Ridership

Faster implementation of the city’s Bicycle Transportation Plan, with emphasis on Class 1 bike paths, separated bike lanes, and bike boulevards.

Working Together to Ensure a Vibrant and Resilient San Luis Obispo

We will achieve a vibrant economy, environment, and community by working collaboratively to create the city we want while preserving the SLO we love. We work best when we work together—it’s one of the most resilient things we can do.

Heidi's Approach to Leadership

San Luis Obispo leadership has a role in developing the social capital and assets of a thriving and resilient community. SLO’s network of organizations, businesses, and residents can be strengthened through increased communication and interaction among all of our groups. As connections are created and relationships built, individuals and institutions are increasingly able to recognize each other’s assets and resources, and form new partnerships.

Just as Cal Poly and the business sector have a mutually beneficial relationship through student internships, the mayor’s office and city council can facilitate new networks for business opportunities, disaster preparedness, and citizen engagement on local issues. Local government acts as a nexus of collaboration, building bridges throughout the community; it is leadership of the people, by the people, and for the people. When residents feel that their voice is heard and see government respond to their needs, they in turn are more likely to contribute to working on behalf of their community.

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