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Let’s Stand Together

Let’s Stand Together

Today, we want to take a moment to tell you about what has been going on in the Mayoral race. Our grassroots campaign has received overwhelming momentum and financial support. Thanks to what we are building here together, we were able to significantly outraise our opponent in this filing period. As a result, the Mayor and the local political establishment have sounded the alarm and are resorting to negative campaigning tactics and personal attacks.

The residents of SLO deserve better. We call on Mayor Marx to join us in a positive campaign. Her attacks on Heidi are attacks on you as a supporter. She’s called us “flamboyant”, criticizes us as “learning by doing” and denigrates us for building bridges with people of different ideologies. It is unnecessary, uncalled for, and removes the attention from what really matters to our city.

You deserve an honest and integrity filled debate on real issues and our vision for the city’s future, not insults and attacks that we hear enough of in national politics. The disdain coming from our opponent only exemplifies the fact that the people of SLO do not feel heard. They are trying to divide us in a hyper-partisan world. Let’s stand together, rise above and use this race to create more good in our city and our world.

Please join us by voicing your positive support on social media, writing a letter to the editor or gathering with us at an upcoming event. We invite you to contact us personally with any questions, concerns or solutions. Thank you for standing with us, let’s keep moving forward.

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