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Meet Heidi

Working together towards the well-being of every citizen.

Determined To Do the Work for SLO

As Mayor, Heidi is committed to engaging the community to work together to implement creative housing solutions, developing practices to support local businesses, strengthening relationships within the diverse voices of our residents, revitalizing the unique culture of our downtown, and enhancing community resilience through energy efficiency and sustainability in our changing climate. Heidi is a reform-minded leader, passionate about keeping the concerns of our local residents at the forefront of everything she does.

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About Heidi

Heidi first arrived in San Luis Obispo as a college student thirty years ago. She graduated with a degree in early childhood education from Cuesta College, followed by a BA in liberal studies from Cal Poly. After falling in love with the charm and community San Luis Obispo had to offer, Heidi kicked a root down, got married, and began her life as an early childhood educator and mother.

Fast forward a few years and Heidi found herself as an overworked house cleaner and a multi-tasking single mom. Being a mom took center stage in her life and she began to form the rest of her decisions around what it meant to raise children in today’s world. Quickly she found that the best way to build a better community was to raise better people. She deepened her commitment to the community by getting involved in local organizations that worked to create a better world for all of our children.

As a participant and board member of many local non-profit organizations, Heidi has been able to work with local businesses, leaders and community members to fully understand the scope of environmental, fiscal and civic challenges our community faces. In 2014, Heidi turned her eye to elected office and ran for State Assembly. She led a grassroots campaign that focused on campaign finance reform, income inequality and climate change. She is a strong voice advocating for people who have been left out of our political and economic systems.

Heidi believes that Democracy starts and ends with the voice of the people, and as the Mayor of San Luis Obispo, has worked tirelessly to honor and represent and lift that voice.

In 2014, she took an innovative grassroots approach to her first political campaign for State Assembly. Heidi’s campaign focused on campaign-finance reform, income equality, and climate change. She has and will continue to fight for people who have been left out of our political and economic systems. Heidi believes that Democracy starts and ends with the voice of the people, and to honor that voice, she is running for Mayor of San Luis Obispo in 2016.

Heidi raised her children in SLO as a working single mother. Her daughter Zoie, is a graduate of the UCLA film department, and her son Jack, is a graduate of the UC Santa Cruz music department. Her concern and joy in their futures and the futures of all our children is the fuel that powers her political passion. Most days you can find Heidi and her husband Larry hiking local trails, collaborating with community members, and enjoying downtown cafes.

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