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A Message from Heidi’s Campaign Manager

Thank you to everyone for your remarkable outpouring of support for Heidi throughout this campaign. The race benefited our community tremendously, bringing new ideas to the forefront and inspiring people to become engaged in local government. As we move forward the most important take away is that your voice is important and powerful, and that together we can truly make a difference.

Here is the latest update on the results. As of last evening Heidi has garnered 47.06% of the vote compared to Jan Marx’s 52.46%. At this moment it appears more likely than not that Jan Marx will ultimately win, however there is a possibility Heidi could catch up. Here’s why:

  • Heidi currently trails by 726 votes, but based on historical turnout numbers, we estimate there are approximately 5,000-6,000 ballots outstanding that will be counted.
  • When early vote-by-mail figures were released Heidi was trailing by 15.68%. As the polling locations started reporting, that gap closed to 5.4%. In fact she won with people who voted in-person, 3,022 votes to 2,515 votes. We believe that the total number of ballots outstanding may exceed the total number of ballots that closed that gap.
  • This could suggest that Heidi gained significant support from those who waited longer to decide who to vote for. We’ll have to wait and see as the vote-by-mail ballots continue to be counted over the coming days.

We’ll be sure to update everyone when we know more.

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