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Proud To Vote For Heidi Harmon For SLO Mayor

Proud to vote for Heidi Harmon for SLO mayor

The following letter to the editor was posted on November 5th, 2016, in the The Tribune

As a first responder helicopter pilot, I am calm in tough situations while applying logic and reason to save critically injured patients. It was through my childhood experience of growing up in a war-torn country in Africa that I learned these survival skills.

I escaped my home country under the guise of “going on vacation” with only a suitcase, knowing I would never return. After immigrating to the U.S., I met and married a native Californian who introduced me to her hometown of San Luis Obispo.

I’d love to say that all’s well in “the happiest city.” However, I cannot. My experience with SLO harkens back to the dictatorship and corruption in Africa. It is not a democracy when council repeatedly fails to represent the citizens who elected them, or when it passes ordinances and fees to bring money into the city’s coffers, but instead increases housing prices and rents for the residents.

It’s time to apply logic and reason to solve the problems in our city. Heidi Harmon will do that. She is a proven community builder — a visionary who listens, cares and she gets things done. She will act in the best interests of the residents. I am proud to cast my vote for Heidi Harmon for mayor.


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