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A Leader who Inspires Action

Speaking on a variety of stages to audiences of all sizes, Heidi’s unique honesty, humor and perspective leaves audiences motivated and inspired. She is an engaged and activated leader, dynamic story teller, and experienced catalyst for change.

“It is more important than ever that we share our voice, inspiration, passion and the heart behind our work. Motivation and inspiring others to do the work is the most important part of what I do.” – Heidi Harmon

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Check out Heidi's Ted Talk, How To Turn Advocacy into Action

Speech Topics:

  • From Advocacy to Action:  Becoming the catalyst for change you want to see.
  • Run Like a Girl:  Why we need more women in office, how to be one of them or support those who are.
  • Getting Radical: Radical self-acceptance as a revolutionary act.
  • Show up, Stand Up, Step Up: After marching, then what?
  • The Future is Feminine: Why the qualities associated with the feminine are needed to create a more fair, just and sustainable world in a time of dominating toxic masculinity.
  • Despair is Not an Option: How to go from giving up to giving it your all.
  • Force of Nature: How climate change saved my life and will save yours too.
  • Why Moms Make Great Mayors: Past political experience isn’t the only thing that qualifies you.

Invite Heidi to speak at your upcoming event, she can tailor to the specific needs of your event.

If you are interested in scheduling an event or hosting Heidi to speak at your conference, convention, workshop or gathering please contact We look forward to hearing from you!

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